Data Warehouse

DomainMOD has a Data Warehouse framework built right into it, which allows you to import the data stored on your web server. Currently the only web servers that are supported are ones that run WHM/cPanel.

If your web server doesn't run WHM/cPanel, or you don't want to import your web server data into DomainMOD, you can ignore this section.


Importing your web server(s) into the Data Warehouse will not modify any of your other DomainMOD data, nor any of the data on your web server.

Supported Data

The following WHM sections are currently supported, but our end goal is to have every piece of WHM information that can be retrieved via the API stored in the Data Warehouse.

Domain, IP Address, Owner, User, Contact Email, Plan, Theme, Shell, Partition, Disk Limit, Disk Usage, Max Addons, Max FTP Accounts, Max Email Lists, Max Parked Domains, Max POP Accounts, Max SQL Accounts, Max Subdomains, Creation Date, Suspend Status, Suspend Reason, Suspend Time, Max Email Per Hour, Failed Email % Before Defer, Min Failed Email # Before Defer

DNS Zones
Zone Filename, Original/Primary Source of Zone Data, Admin Email, Serial #, Refresh, Retry, Expiry, Minimum TTL, Authoritative Name Server

DNS Records
TTL, Class, Type, IP Address, CNAME, Mail Server, Mail Server Priority, TXT Data, Line # of Zone, # of Lines, RAW Data


In order to use the Data Warehouse you first need to add your web server(s).


When adding your server you will be asked for either an API Token or a Remote Access Key/Hash, which can be found in your WHM (see below). The Remote Access Key/Hash will be getting removed from WHM in version 68 though, so if your WHM already supports the API Token that's what you should use.

Adding A Web Server

  1. Click on Data Warehouse on the main menu.

  2. Click the Manage Servers button.

  3. Click the Add Web Server button.

  4. Enter your web server's details and then click the Add Server button.

Retrieving Your Remote Access Key/Hash

If your WHM server supports it, you should be using an API Token instead of the Remote Access Key/Hash. Skip to the next section to retrieve your API Token.

  1. Login to your WHM.

  2. Using the search box on the left-hand side of the screen, search for Remote Access Key.

  3. Click on Remote Access Key on the menu and your key will be displayed.

Retrieving Your API Token

  1. Login to your WHM.

  2. Using the search box on the left-hand side of the screen, search for Manage API Tokens.

  3. Click on Manage API Tokens on the menu.

  4. Click the Generate Token button.

  5. Type in a name for your API Token and then click Generate. This name is used to help identify what that specific API Token was generated for, and you can call it anything you want.

  6. After you click the Generate button your API Token will be displayed.

Building The Data Warehouse

Once you've added your web server(s), building your Data Warehouse is just a couple clicks away.

  1. Click on Data Warehouse on the main menu.

  2. Click the Rebuild DW button.

At this point your browser will build the Data Warehouse, which may take some time, and depending on how much data you have stored on your web server this process may timeout. Instead of building the Data Warehouse manually like this, we recommend that you setup the cron job that comes with DomainMOD, which will completely automate your Data Warehouse builds.