User Guide

Although every installation of DomainMOD includes a copy of the User Guide (within the /docs/ folder), the most up-to-date version can always be found online.

A Work In Progress
The User Guide is a work in progress and more documentation will be added as time goes on. Some sections are fairly bare at the moment, as we thought it would be best to at least get some documentation created, as opposed to waiting for it to be 100% complete before publishing it. Please bear with us as we continue to expand this guide.

Getting Started
If you're new to DomainMOD and want some more information, or you're looking for download and installation instructions, please see the Getting Started section.

First Run
If you've just finished installing DomainMOD and you're wondering what to do next, please see the First Run section.

Frequently Asked Questions
For commonly asked questions please see the FAQ.

Code of Conduct
Please see the Code of Conduct page for a detailed explanation of our code of conduct.

Please see the Contributing page for our contributing guidelines.

If you're having problems with the installation or operation of DomainMOD, please see the Troubleshooting section.

If you still need help please visit the Support section.